Better future makers

As a housing developer who believes in creating homes to last, innovation is at the forefront of our blueprints.

We are committed to being brave and ambitious. From our processes to the materials we use, the team constantly challenges the status quo to produce quality, sustainable and affordable homes for all – without compromise.

These include simple yet mighty tweaks. Such as housing all homeowner manuals and user guides online with access via a QR code to reduce our paper usage tenfold. Plus, it helps our homeowners avoid having to keep track of multiple booklets.

Reacting responsibly and quickly to the pressures the world’s resources are under; we are using timber frames in more and more of our housing developments. These are on average 30% quicker than traditional block and brick builds plus they’re lighter. Meaning they’re often simpler, less expensive and easier to work with in adverse weather.

Along with other offsite manufacturing and onsite modern techniques such as factory-made floor and cassettes, door sets, GRP canopies and chimneys and pre-cast foundations to name a few.