Better community makers

At MORRO, we are committed to making our industry better tomorrow than it is today.

That’s why as a team, we’re constantly aware of the positive – and negative – impacts our work can have on our local communities and the world.

Every day we make positive changes by breathing new life into neighbourhoods and properties. But with that, comes a negative impact on the environment and our carbon footprint.

That’s why we have a set of pillars that inform every move we make as a business. Focusing on our industry as a whole and the people we partner with, we tie everything back to these 5 mantras.

  1. We are committed to making our industry better tomorrow than it is today
  2. We are invested in our people and are determined to continue to create a great place to work
  3. We will work sustainably and are dedicated to minimising the impact we have on the environment
  4. We put building inclusive and accessible homes and communities at the heart of everything we do
  5. We proceed with expertise and innovativeness to maintain and exceed the required levels of quality management

Charity work

Making our housing more sustainable

Better environment makers

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