Modern Slavery Policy


The Modern Slavery Act 2015 is intended to ensure that all eligible organisations have measures in place to identify risk of slavery within their organisation and supply chain and take steps to ensure that modern slavery does not occur.

MORRO Partnerships conducts its business activities in a professional and ethical manner and commits to ensuring that Modern Slavery forms no part of our business or that of our supply chain.

Business Structure

MORRO Partnerships is a developer/constructor in the construction industry, delivering mainly affordable housing in the Midlands region of the UK. Morro Partnerships manages construction projects, utilising sub-contractors for trades and specialist skills.

During the period stated, MORRO Partnerships had an average of 110 direct employees, and operated an average of 20 construction sites at any one time, with an average of 55 units per site.

During this period, we also achieved recertification of the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System certification to supplement ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 45001 Health and Safety certifications.

Our management structure is relatively flat, having a Chairman, CEO, Managing Director & Directors, Heads of Department, and a team of departmental managers.

MORRO Partnerships has a Modern Slavery Policy, which describes our approach to dealing with the risk of slavery within our organisation and supply chain.

MORRO Partnerships is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which means that all our business processes are managed via our Quality Management System in order to deliver consistent, high-quality outcomes.

Some of the specific processes that cover areas related to the potential risk of slavery include:

  • JP012 – Sub-contractor Health and Safety Method Statement Evaluation
  • JP013 – Sub-contractor performance report
  • JP071 – Sub-contractor checklist
  • JP072 – Induction records
  • JP129 – online Training register

By using these procedures, we have managed opportunities to identify where staff, and those of our sub-contractors may be at risk of exploitation by slavery. Where these risks are identified, the MORRO Partnerships management team will be involved in investigating and resolving the issues.
The MORRO Head of People advises on these issues, and assist in delivering our procedures.

We specifically ensure that all sub-contractors are eligible to work in the UK, carry a valid CSCS card and have sufficient training to work on our sites.
Since beginning our construction activities in 1988 we have built up a tried and trusted network of sub-contractors who have grown with us and understand the quality levels, and policies/procedures we have in place. However, we continue to assess their suitability, including any risk of slavery, for each new contract that we engage them in.

Additionally, our recruitment process includes steps to thoroughly investigate an individual’s legal status and eligibility to work in the UK.

Risk Areas
The construction industry has had a challenging history regarding potential exploitation of workers. Often trades people are recruited for short periods of time and can move around easily.

At MORRO Partnerships, we get to know our sub-contractors and trade staff at a personal level so that we can get the best quality outcomes for us and our clients. This means that we actively manage the relationship with our sub-contractors and their staff, and have an in-depth knowledge of the workforce, their capabilities and background.

We occasionally use agency staff on our construction sites. We use a restricted number of established, respected agents to source and vet agency staff and conduct our own interviews and additional vetting.

During the period stated we have not identified any incidents where there is a risk of modern slavery.

MORRO Partnerships is Investors in People Silver accredited. As such, we provide full training and personal development for all our staff, and where required, for sub-contract staff working on our sites. This includes awareness of Modern Slavery, Bribery and other non-technical aspects of conducting our business in a professional and ethical manner.

Training is supported by our collaborative systems and active personnel management.

Looking forward to the next 12 months there is still a strong focus on delivering homes and we expect to see more growth with further sites starting up in 2023/2024. There will be a requirement to increase the supplier/sub-contractor base, which will be done using standardised processes in our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System to ensure we comply with all legislation and achieve high quality outcomes, particularly with regard to avoiding the risk of modern slavery anywhere in our organisation and supply chain.

MORRO Partnerships will continue to conduct business in a professional and ethical manner, ensuring staff welfare is maintained and health and safety guidelines are strictly enforced.

This policy statement will be reviewed annually.

Policy Review Due: 20 June 2024