Better home makers

To be better home makers, you have to boldly reimagine what affordable housing looks like.

That’s why we manage the whole development process and act with the bigger picture in mind.

From identifying the best land ready to be transformed into a vibrant community to sourcing the highest quality materials perfect for building sustainable and accessible properties.

We also proudly work with trusted organisations the whole East and West Midlands area. Such as BMHT (Birmingham City Council), Walsall Housing Group, Stafford and Rural Homes, and Solihull Community Housing. To identify opportunities that will benefit local regions and the families that call it home.

Affordable housing

When you love what you do, you want as many people as possible to experience it. That’s why we deliver well-designed and well-built homes for people at affordable prices.

Land and build

For every square footage of uncovered land, we see potential. The potential to create a space for neighbours to meet, families to grow and communities to thrive.


As a sustainable and responsible property developer, we set out to preserve as much green space as possible by transforming and regenerating Brownfield sites.


Morro have embraced Modern Methods of Construction since it was re-invented using modern materials and innovative manufacturing processes. There are many types of modern construction methods from off-site manufactured components to panelised solutions to completely pre-fabricated homes.